Selected Writings, 2006-2013

long-form pieces and reviews marked with ***

Is Smart Making Us Dumb?, The Wall Street Journal, February 2013

Bonität übers Handy, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, February 2013 (in German)

Mi préstamo para ti, tus datos para mí, El Pais, February 2013 (in Spanish)

*** Not By Memes Alone, The New Republic, January 2013 (review of Steven Johnson's Future Perfect)

*** Future Shock, Bookforum, January 2013 (review of Gavin Newsom's Citizenville)

Your Social Networking Credit Score, Slate, January 2013

Ruinieren Sie nicht Ihre Work-Life-Balance!, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, January 2013 (in German)

Thuiswerken? Ga toch lekker naar kantoor, NRC, January 2013 (in Dutch)

Empréstimos para todos - mas a que preço? , Folha, January 2013 (in Portuguese)

Tearing Down the “Electronic Cottage”, Slate, December 2012

La casita de campo electrónica, El Pais, December 2012 (in Spanish)

Die Ausspionierten, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, January 2013 (in German)

A realidade contraria os sonhos de trabalhar em casa, Folha, January 2013 (in Portuguese)

Google should not choose right and wrong, Financial Times, December 2012

Macché utopia, il telelavoro è una trappola, Corriere della Sera, December 2012 (in Italian)

I libri di testo in formato digitale spiano gli alunni (e danno i voti all'impegno), Corriere della Sera, December 2012 (in Italian)

Livros didáticos vigiados não nos darão um novo Einstein, Folha, December 2012 (in Portuguese)

Amordazados por los robots informáticos, El Pais, November 2012

You Can't Say That on the Internet, The New York Times, November 2012

Der unfreie Kanal, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, November 2012 (in German)

***And The Firewalls Came Tumbling Down (review of Andy Greenberg's This Machine Kills Secrets), The New York Times, October, 2012

Gli oggetti «smart» che ci rendono stupidi, Corriere della Sera, October 2012 (in Italian)

Na vida digital, cada vez mais intermediários, Folha, October 2012 (in Portuguese)

Kickstarters Grenzen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, October 2012 (in German)

Muzzled by the Bots, Slate, October 2012

La ‘cocina inteligente’, El Pais, October 2012 (in Spanish)

*** The Tyranny of Algorithms (review of Automate This), The Wall Street Journal, September 2012

Crowdfunding: motivo para otimismo, mas é preciso cautela, Folha, September 2012 (in Portuguese)

Ny fundraising skaber nye problemer, Dagbladet Information, September 2012 (In Danish)

Un robot m’a volé mon Pulitzer, Le Monde Diplomatique, September 2012 (in French)

L’illusione dell’arte finanziata dagli utenti, Corriere della Sera, September 2012 (in Italian)

Kickstarter Will Not Save Artists From the Entertainment Industry’s Shackles, Slate, September 2012

Die Geeks sind schuld, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 2012 (in German)

*** Finding Our Way in the Modern World (review of The Natural Navigator and The Science of Navigation), The Wall Street Journal, August 2012

Skal vi lade Facebook forudsige fremtidige forbrydelser?, Dagbladet Information, August 2012 (In Danish)

La realtà aumentata è servita, Corriere della Sera, August 2012 (in Italian)

Revolución en el trabajo policial, El Pais, August 2012 (in Spanish)

The Sounds That Precede a Shot Rang Out, London Review of Books (blog), August 2012

*** The Naked and the TED, The New Republic, August 2012

Cozinhas inteligentes, cozinheiros nem tanto, Folha, August 2012 (in Portuguese)

Stay Out of My Kitchen, Robots, Slate, August 2012

Effizienter als die Polizei, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, August 2012 (in German)

*** Mad Science (review of Rabid), The Daily, July 2012

En wat als Facebook u zomaar aangeeft?, NRC, July 2012 (in Dutch)

L’algoritmo detective, Corriere della Sera, July 2012 (in Italian)

El malogrado sueño de los disidentes, El Pais, July 2012 (in Spanish)

Falscher Anstoß, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, July 2012 (in German)

Tecnologia e o futuro do policiamento, Folha, July 2012 (in Portuguese)

The Folly of Kindle Diplomacy, Slate, June 2012

Fare for cyberkrig er overvurderet, Dagbladet Information, June 2012 (In Danish)

¿Debería preocuparnos la guerra cibernética?, El Pais, June 2012 (in Spanish)

Warum Cyberwaffen die Welt sicherer machen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 2012 (in German)

A tecnologia como ferramenta diplomática, Folha, June 2012 (in Portuguese)

What Fearmongers Get Wrong About Cyberwarfare, Slate, May 2012

Immature idéologie de la transparence, Le Monde, May 2012 (in French)

La ambigüedad de la libertad de internet, El Pais, May 2012 (in Spanish)

Bestenfalls zahnlos, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, May 2012 (in German)

Per una pace cyber-armata, Corriere della Sera, May 2012 (in Italian)

Guerra cibernética, Folha, May 2012 (in Portuguese)

La Casa Bianca alleata di Amazon: gli ebook invaderanno il mondo, Corriere della Sera, May 2012 (in Italian)

Shop Your Neighbors, London Review of Books (blog), April 2012

Periodismo automático, El Pais, April 2012 (in Spanish)

Hillary Clinton burde melde sig ind i Anonymous, Dagbladet Information, April 2012 (In Danish)

Difendiamo Internet dai suoi paladini, Corriere della Sera, April 2012 (in Italian)

*** In Your Face, London Review of Books, April 2012

Texte in null Komma nichts, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, April 2012 (in German)

Why Hillary Clinton Should Join Anonymous, Slate, April 2012

Liberdade na internet: uma ideia ambígua, Folha, April 2012 (in Portuguese)

¿Un seguro para Internet?, El Pais, March 2012 (in Spanish)

Os robôs vão substituir os jornalistas?, Folha, March 2012 (in Portuguese)

Beware the Unholy Alliance of State and Internet, Financial Times, March 2012

Robotter overtager journalistikken, Dagbladet Information, March 2012 (In Danish)

Il generatore automatico di articoli, Corriere della Sera, March 2012 (in Italian)

A Robot Stole My Pulitzer!, Slate, March 2012

Vergesst das Recht aufs Vergessenwerden, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 2012 (in German)

*** Form and Fortune, The New Republic, February 2012

A internet precisa indenizar suas vítimas, Folha, February 2012 (in Portuguese)

*** The Dangers of Sharing (review of I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did),  The New York Times, January 2012 

*** So We're All in Agreement (review of Standards), The Wall Sreet Journal, January 2012

Warning: This Site Contains Conspiracy Theories, Slate, January 2012

*** What Lies Beneath (review of Too Big To Know), The Daily, January 2012

Internet y el control de calidad, El Pais, January 2012 (in Spanish)

Hora de submeter a web a um controle de qualidade? , Folha, January 2012 (in Portuguese)

Cospirazionisti e negazionisti: l'invasione delle bufale online,  Corriere della Sera, January 2012  (in Italian)

Impfung der Idioten, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, January 2012 (in German)

Konspirationsteorier undergraver internettet,  Dagbladet Information (in Danish), January 2012

*** Review of “The Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy,” Perspectives on Politics, December 2011

Facebook og Google hjælper hævngerrige diktatorer,  Dagbladet Information (in Danish), January 2012

Saving Face, Slate, December 2011

O sinistro efeito Palo Alto e as ditaduras, Folha, December 2011 (in Portuguese)

Internet ti guarda in faccia, Corriere della Sera, December 2011 (in Italian)

Tecnología del reconocimiento facial, El Pais, December 2011 (in Spanish)

Gesichtserkennung: Ethikfreie Zone,  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, December 2011 (in German)

Les marchands y sont rois… Occupons le Net!, Courrier International, December 2011 (in French)

Rettet die Anonymität, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,  November 2011 (in German)

*** The Internet Intellectual (review of Public Parts), The New Republic, November 2011

Pedinati da Facebook, Corriere della Sera, November 2011 (in Italian)

Occupy the Net, Slate, November 2011

O Facebook está contra a alegria, Folha de S.Paulo, November 2011 (in Portuguese)

*** Das Elend der Internetintellektuellen (TNR review of Public Parts in German), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, October 2011 (in German)

El anonimato en la Red, El Pais, November 2011 (in Spanish)

Rete bucata, Corriere della Sera, October 2011 (in Italian)

Taking Down a Digital Den of Sin, The Wall Street Journal, October 2011

Political Repression 2.0, The New York Times, September 2011

Repressing the Internet, Western-Style, The Wall Street Journal, August 2011

*** Bugger Off (review of Surveillance or Security?), Boston Review, September 2011

*** Don't Be Evil (review of In the Plex and The Googlization of Everything), The New Republic, July 2011

*** Your Own Facts (review of The Filter Bubble), The New York Times Book Review, June 2011

Two Decades of the Web: A Utopia No Longer, Prospect, June 2011

Wake-up call from a fake Syrian blogger, Financial Times, June 2011

Internet alone cannot free the Middle East, Financial Times, March 2011

Facebook and Twitter are just places revolutionaries go, The Guardian, March 2011

Tweets geschickt, Diktatoren gestürzt?, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 2011 (in German)

Kluge Diktatoren, Süddeutsche Zeitung, February 2011 (in German)

*** Passing Through (review of Internet Architecture and Innovation and The Master Switch), Boston Review, March 2011

E-Salvation (review of What Technology Wants), The New Republic, February 2011

Revolution offline, Die Zeit, February 2011

The Internet Is A Tyrant's Friend, The New Scientist, February 2011

Smart Dictators Don't Quash the Internet, The Wall Street Journal, March 2011

A Walled Wide Web for Nervous Autocrats, The Wall Street Journal, February 2011

How the Kremlin Harnesses the Internet, The International Herald Tribune, January 2011, Foreign Policy, January 2011

The dark side of Internet for Egyptian and Tunisian protesters, The Globe and Mail, January 2011

Hope springs e-ternal, The New York Post, January 2011

In Defense of DDoS, Slate, December 2010

Why the Internet Is a Great Tool for Totalitarians, Wired, December 2010

Recht auf Angriff, Süddeutsche Zeitung, December 2010 (in German)

Cyber guerrillas can help US, Financial Times, December 2010

Rise of the Online Autocrats, The Wall Street Journal, October 2010,

The Great Internet Freedom Fraud, Slate, September 2010

*** The Facebook Effect: Beyond Privacy (review of The Facebook Effect), The National, July 2010

***  Sharing Liberally (review of Cognitive Surplus), Boston Review, June 2010

*** Losing Our Minds to the Web (review of The Shallows), Prospect, June 2010

Battling the Cyber Warmongers, The Wall Street Journal, May 2010

Think Again: the Internet, Foreign Policy, May 2010

Vorsicht, Freund hört mit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, April 2010 (in German)

The Net Generation, Unplugged, The Economist, March 2010

Techno-Rebellion (review of Lanier's You Are Not a Gadget), The National, March 2010

The Digital Dictatorship, The Wall Street Journal, February 2010

E-outed (review of Nissenbaum's Privacy in Context), Times Literary Supplement, February 2010

Iran’s propaganda hits the ‘Spinternet’,, January 2010

Ditch Twitter to Save Democracy, Wired (UK), January 2010

Global Thinkers: 2020 edition, January 2010, Foreign Policy

Try Different Keywords, The International Herald Tribune, January 2010

Techno-utopian Fail, The National, December 2009

The serious gap in Wikipedia’s knowledge, The Sunday Times, November 2009

Free Speech and the Internet, The International Herald Tribune, November 2009

Cyberpolitik, Forbes, November 2009

How Dictators Watch Us on the Web, Prospect, November 2009

*** Edit This Page (review of The Wikipedia Revolution),  Boston Review, November 2009

Iran: Downside to the Twitter Revolution, Dissent, August 2009

Think Again: Twitter, Foreign Policy, August 2009

High-Tech Diplomacy, Newsweek, September 2009

Censoring cyberspace, RSA Journal, August 2009

Religious Groups Turn to Technology, Newsweek July 2009

Internet Activism Accomplishes Little, Newsweek, July 2009

A cyber-warfare mystery: Ghost in the machine, The Economist, July 2009

The Cyber-Attack that Wasn’t, Boston Review, July 2009

The 0s and 1s of Computer Warfare, The International Herald Tribune, June 2009

The Internet: A Room of Our Own?, Dissent, June 2009

Cyber-Scare, Boston Review, June 2009

21st Century Statecraft vs Tweets as War Crime, June 2009

Control Issues, Newsweek, June 2009

Iran Elections: A Twitter Revolution?, The Washington Post, June 2009

The Repercussions of a Twitter Revolution, The Boston Globe, June 2009

We Do Not Trust Machines, Newsweek, May 2009

The Fog of Cyberwar, Newsweek, April 2009 

Texting Towards Utopia, Boston Review, March 2009, The International Herald Tribune, March 2009

Do-It-Yourself Censorship, Newsweek, March 2009

Facebook Diplomacy, Newsweek, February 2009

Firewalls to Freedom, Project Syndicate, February 2009

A Melting Pot It's Not, Foreign Policy, February 2009

Virtual Pleasures, The Economist, February 2009

To Stop Dissent, Call It Smut, Newsweek, January 2009

Breastfeeding in public or cyberspace, San Francisco Chronicle, January 2009

The Alternative's alternative, openDemocracy, December 2008

Living with the Streisand Effect, International Herald Tribune, December 2008

Rioters of the world unite, December 2008, The Economist

Digital Renegades, or Captives?, The International Herald Tribune, Dec 2008

Marching off to Cyberwar, The Economist, December 2008

Revolutions Coloured Green, The Economist, November 2008

Following the Crowd, The Economist, September 2008

Rights to Spore, openDemocracy, September 2008

Russians Bloggers Go After Youtube, San Francisco Chronicle, August 2008

Citizen war-reporter? The Caucasus test, openDemocracy, August 2008

An Army of Ones and Zeroes, Slate, August 2008

The Kremlin’s Virtual Army, Foreign Policy, August 2008

Russia/Georgia: War of the Web, openDemocracy, August 2008

Russia: Ideology Becomes a Mash-Up, openDemocracy, August 2008

The Brave New World of E-Hatred, The Economist, 2008

Blog Standard: Politics on the Web, The Economist, 2008

The Right to Blog: Freedom's Next Frontier, Open Democracy, July 2008

Leaks and Lawsuits, The Economist, 2008

The Battle for Wikipedia's Soul, The Economist, 2008

A Bag Full of Sunshine, The Economist, 2007

Cats, Mice, and Handsets, The Economist, 2007

Russia’s Last Refuge: Blogosphere, The International Herald Tribune, October 2006

Next, Lonelygirl15 kills some myths, The International Herald Tribune, September 2006

Blogs in Belarus Boost Human Rights, Business Week, April 2007

A Dictator Comes A-Calling, The International Herald Tribune, April 2006

A New Gas War Looms, with Belarus the loser, The International Herald Tribune, April 2006

The Triumph of the Nerd, The International Herald Tribune, August 2006

Comment « Borat » s'est joué de Google, November 2006, Le Monde (in French)